Our agriculture system is composed of a range of activities. We grow vegetables on 1000 square meters, we keep bees within the area to encourage pollination and a diversity of life, we transform our apples and pears into compotes, juices and vinegar that we sell, we have a colorful space of flowers and medicinal plants, and keep an area for our communal garden where, with a smaller space we let our creativity run free.

Drawing inspiration from concepts and practices such as permaculture, food forests, bio-intensive farming, and from experienced local knowledge, we wish to create a space rich in bio-diversity and abundant in food. We plan to integrate a range of berries, bushes and trees into our cultivated areas to not only increase and encourage this bio-diversity but to also help create a more sustainable farming system. Some of the plants will provide fruits which we can harvest and transform into products such as jam or syrup, some of them will have root systems to help draw up water and protect against erosion, some will create wind barriers, and some will simply fill the space with an aesthetic atmosphere.

By using minimal tilling practices, minimal machinery, and doing much of the work by hand we focus our efforts on protecting, nourishing, and building the soil. We will integrate a rotational cropping system, and experiment with a range of green manures to help in our efforts to build a healthy soil.

We wish to show that small scale organic farmers can benefit from creating a system rich in diversity. That, by integrating a range of plants, the farmer can benefit financially by having a wider range of products to sell, and benefit from building a space focused on the health of the soil and the health of the wide range of life around.