We operate our farm based on a bio-intensive model. Our guiding lights in this regard are Jean Martin Fortier and Elliot Coleman. The techniques implied are a mixture or permaculture principles, agroforestry and biodynamie. Our goal is to confirm the high productivity of a small parcel of land using the appropriate associations and rotations of culture.

In France, we are walking along the trails blazed by Fermes d’Avenir that opens up doors for scientific grounding to our endeavour. And to sustain and deepen the impact of this collective research process we have decided to tackle the research of a very specific set of bacteria called EM. Effective microorganisms are composed of 80 bacteria highly effective at digesting bio wastes and have been proven in the past (though researches were not backed up enough) to increase crops’ yields substantially. They also have a capacity to balance soil life and therefore acting as natural pest control. The rigor of our analysis will allow to confirm or not that hypothesis. All in all, the sum of all those efforts will help in influencing agricultural trends.

Responsibles: Eliott Mercier, Erika Burgess, Clarisse Bachelier