As we recognized the opportunities we were given with this land, we also understood the importance of sharing: the land, the space, the knowledge or sometimes simply a good meal from the garden. The balance in the daily life is held by a diversity of practices, interests and discoveries. With opening our doors, we get to meet different people who offer new ways of thinking and perceiving. The workshops we host reflect our passions and interests such as agriculture, music, singing, audiovisual, Non-Violent Communication, writing, therapy, meditation, woodwork (the list goes on…). With inviting people who share these interests, we can not only have a rich experience ourselves, but also help spread wisdom we believe in.

For the workshops we rent the rooms of one of our buildings that lies on the edge of the farm. It gives enough space and intimacy away from the main house and daily work. A big room is connected to the building and offers a bright working space. The independence of the workshop (considering food and cooking for example) can be discussed in the planning and depends on the amount of people coming as well as the preferences.

For those who simply want to relax in the most beautiful place in the world, we offer a cozy room and the possibility to enjoy the valley and its nature.