Les Moustaches came to life when a group of likeminded individuals connected over their shared values and decided to invest their energy, time and thoughts on a project together. Our project was born in September 2015, after it has been carried and nourished since months before. It changed growing up, but still has the same body. We are here to discover the gift of ancient knowledge, that is the foundation of our path, leading to a modern as well as conscious way of life.

Our fields of interest are natural agriculture, building, energy, medicinal plants and art, whichever form it may take. We find our teachers in the experienced people, who transmit techniques that have been successfully tested over decades. Trying to find the balance between being humble towards tradition and at the same time being confident to find new innovations, for us, means development. That is what we are aiming for. Along the way we meet people, who are searchers themselves, who get triggered by our actions and want to discover our life and maybe go in a similar direction. To help these people find us, to start a conversation with those who have questions or answers, to find a link between tradition and the modern world, we open our doors and minds to share what we discover.

With the farm in the Mercantour National park we found a space to learn: from the ground, the plants, the valley, the weather, the seasons and more than one could imagine, from each other. Within the first months, we got to learn about the importance of our improvement in communication and communal life. Friendships form easily, whereas it is serious work to become an authentic and committed community. Through non-violent communication and regular meetings we strengthen the core of people, who then can move tons of stones together (or potatoes…). Whatever we do, we try to do it with consideration of our selves and our environment.

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Integral innovation also implies legal and financial innovation. We are dreamers but very aware of our dependency to traditional economy. Even more so, we do not reject the existing systems but rejoice in working with it, we find fun in its complexity.


Fondation Un Monde Par Tous
Fondation Pour Une Terre Humaine
Fondation Exclamation
Foundation Itancia


Help our choosing the right legal frameworks for our activity. Deepen our research process
Sharing of expertise and knowledge
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Sharing of expertise and knowledge
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We deeply thank all our contributors without who this project would not be possible!



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