Whoever visits us here will at some point lift the eyebrows and say: „There is a lot to do!“ We know, it takes years of hard work on the buildings and the land. It also gives endless possibilities to put our visions into reality. In order to create a comfortable and sustainable living area we have to take it step by step. It begins with the uncomfortable question of money. How much do we need and how can we raise this money? Only if we manage to find a solution to this first step, we will be able to go forward with the planning. How much wood/sand/whitewash do we need? Can we reuse some of the old material? Orders have to be made, transportation to be planned, for big projects we invite friends to help. Ideally the responsibilities are shared by a few, but the work will be shared by all. More than once has the sudden appearence of a carpenter from the valley saved us, when we needed advice (much like angels who seem to always hear our prayers for solutions, thank you!)

The renovation of the roof of our smaller house was only the first experience of its kind. Considering the knowledge we already gained in this process, it is safe to say that the main house will teach us a whole lot more in the upcoming two years. There is enough space and hands to build constructions of all kinds, like our new shower that has been designed and sponsored by a friend of the farm (another angel!). Our transformation room used to be a dark shed, until new walls and electricity made it a practical working area. Soon a new house for the chicken will be built, a compost-toilet needs to be planned and without a doubt- before they are finished, new ideas will already have come to our minds.

Our two big comforts are the reliable solar system, that provides enough energy to fulfill our daily needs; and the efficient ovens in our common areas. Our self-made rocket-stove makes long writings sessions in the office possible, even when winter knocks on the door.