One of the first lucky surprises we discovered when we settled on this land was the welcoming nature of the neighbors in the valley. Thanks to an active network of farmers and artisans in this area, we integrated into a system of helping one another- may it be as practical as harvesting potatoes or to sharing knowledge in the form of English lessons and singing workshops. When we work on projects, whether in the area of construction or agriculture, we first consider the knowledge of the experienced ones in the area.

We participate in the organisation of the festival „La Berbis Brigasque“, where craftsmen and producers from the area present their work, sell food and of course, celebrate the old goat breed that gives the name to this festival.

Where does your electricity come from? Who built your house, or harvested the tomatoes you eat? It‘s an enriching experience to know the hands, energy and mind that created what surrounds us. This leads to consciousness. The deep connection we created with the community of the valley helped to restore our faith in the capacity of the human being to unify and take the challenges we are facing globally.