The workshop is central to the farm. In relation with architecture, the residency, agriculture, it is manifesting ideas. Innovations’ incubator, synergies’ catalyst, the workshop is equipped with the machinery that is necessary for working with wood, glass, metal and stone. This space gives us the freedom to invent and innovate. At the moment, the work tackles wind and solar systems, soon we will direct towards farming tools, the workshop is a federating variable of our project and locality. We bet that such space is the foundation of self deliberation.

We want to share with the greatest number the management of such space, the machines and tools needed for the completion of specific projects, the competences required for using certain tools or machines. We also want to invite makers and doers in the context of workshops about independent energy systems, recycling of degraded materials, establishment of systems D. The workshop is the active principle of our overall recipe.

Responsible: Rodolphe Renou, Fritz World, Andy Schubert